Why Have a Conversation?

At this moment, we have an opportunity to look at the world with new understanding.  In the wake of current events, many people are asking how can I help? and what can I do? 

While policy changes are important, that is not the only work to be done.

Together, One Lincoln focuses on how each person can help create a community of racial equity by starting a conversation

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Together One Lincoln


Together, One Lincoln

These conversations don’t have to be public. They can be held at the dinner table or at the end of the driveway. They can be in person or in through digital airwaves. 

Here, you’ll find information to get you started: 

  • Opening questions. 
  • Tips for how to have difficult conversations.
  • Reading lists.
  • Links to organizations ready to host community conversations.


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community partners

Inclusive Communities

Tena Hahn Rodriguez

Nebraska Appleseed

Vic Klafter

Nebraska Wesleyan

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Civic Nebraska

Adam Morfeld

YWCA of Lincoln

Karen Bell-Dancy


Abbi Swatsworth

South Street Temple

Nicholette Seigfreid

Asian Community & Cultural Center

Sheila Dorsey Vinton

Karen Society of Nebraska

Khu Htoo

Good Neighbor Community Center

Tom Randa

Faith Coalition of Lancaster County

Oscar Sinclair

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Brooke Zimmerman

Malone Center

Christiana Vermeline

City of Lincoln

Adelle Burk

Lincoln Community Foundation

Allison Goering

El Centro de las Americas

Romeo Guerra

Nebraska is Home

Khenda Mustafa

Cultural Competence Center

Teresa Wanser-Ernst

Eastridge Presbyterian Church

Leadership Lincoln

Lied Center for Performing Arts

Jane Schiermeyer

Lancaster County Young Republicans

Alex Degarmo

Lincoln Community Learning Centers

Nola Derby-Bennett

Cooper Foundation

Victoria Grasso

International Quilt Museum

Carly Kennedy

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties

Vi See

LUX Center for the Arts

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